Mixer recommendations needed (3-4 channel, budget-end)
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    Default Mixer recommendations needed (3-4 channel, budget-end)

    Hello DJ Tech Tools

    I'm new to the forum - only my second post.

    I've been DJing for quite a few years now, and have been running a fairly basic setup.
    2 x Technics 1200 mk2 :-)
    2 x CDJ 200s (now replaced with the significantly better CDJ350s, which I really rate)
    1 x Gemini UMX SE Limited Edition Mixer
    Marantz amp
    Wharfedale Diamond speakers

    I'm planning to upgrade to a new mixer, and need your input!

    Here's roughly what I want
    - 3-4 channels, each assignable to the crossfader
    - All channels to have LED indicators
    - Decent crossfader for scratching (I'm not very good, and rarely practice, but planning to get my sh!t together soon)
    - Good sound output
    - Booth or record output, or perhaps a onboard soundcard with USB out for recording
    - Under 400 ($520)
    - I'm less bothered about effects, but a nice set of simple effects would be fun

    I was going to go for the Reloop RMX 33i, which looks lovely, but it's third channel isn't assignable to the crossfader (which I may have been able to live with) and doesn't have LED indicators.

    I welcome any suggestions, inspiration or questions!

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    Denon X1800


    Pioneer DJM 750 MK2
    - Equipment - 2X Technics 1200, 2X Audio Technica ATLP1240, 2X XDJ700, 2X XDJ1000 MK2, Denon DNX-1100, Mixars DUO, DJM750 MK2, NI Audio 10, NI Aduio 4, Serato SL3, 4X Shure M44-7, 2X Ortofon Pro S, 2X Numark Groove Tool, Maschine MK3, Samson Carbon 49, Roland SE-02, Novation Launchcontrol, TouchOSC, Nocation Peak, Arturia MiniBrute, Korg Volca Kick, MicroKorg (Classic), NI Komplete Audio 6

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrNorthStar View Post
    I welcome any suggestions, inspiration or questions!
    Your budget will limit you unless you don't mind a mixer with arse build quality. I'd look for a decent second hand Denon x1600.
    Live rig: Denon Prime (5000M's)
    Retired: Denon x1700, Denon SC3900's, Traktor, Technics SL1200's, my vinyl
    Wish list: Some Roland Aira stuff.

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    Ecler nuo 3.0
    2x Technics sl 1200mk2, Vinyl, Shure m44-7, Xone 22, Audio Technica ATH M50X, Traktor A10, Maschine, Logic X, Ableton Live.

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