I wanted to post on Youtube a previous mix I did, so yesterday I started to play for the first time ever with After Effects and tried some very simple stuff within the range of my limited knowledge. I wanted to stay away from commercial or even free visualizers than more than often are quite cheesy (well may be my end result is cheesy too to be fair).

Did a text intro with some effects on it, then a 'logo' type thingy (a kinda visualizer that is the core part of the video) and brightness/contrast effect both linked to the music. On the very end I used a special effect to have the name explode like particles (1:07:00). It's all very raw and not refined but I quite like the result for a first try. Next time I'll probably try to use effects on the whole length of the mix linked to the effects I use on the audio.

What do you think? Any feedback on the method is appreciated. I don't post here to get some views or even that you listen to the mix I don't care about that. Just have a look at the very start of the video, the middle and the end and tell me what you think.
If any of you have experience with AE and would like to share some tips, I'll be more than interested.