I want to use the Effects of Ableton Live over the tracks Iím playing in Traktor on Windows.
Iíve got it working, using ASIO Link Pro, see:

To listen to the FX, what it should do, listen here:

But capturing the full audio with Camtasia, as u can hear, incl. FX - I canít.
So you hear the Traktor track playing, but u donít hear the FX of Ableton.
Though, I can hear it here thru my speakers

How should I set this up so it does that for capturing audio as well?

Though, Iíve managed to get it to work, Iím only able to use this setup/FX over the master.
Since all other tracks will be playing thru the same 1/2 , selected in Ableton.

How do I split these tracks up?
I can put Traktor into External mode, and then define Linkout5/6 to Deck A, Linkout 7/8 to Deck B, etc.
But in Ableton Iím not able to select any other than the 1/2 (left/right).

It seems on a Mac, it's easy setup using for instance this tutorial:

But I can confirm, it doesnt work on Windows.
After installing JACK, Traktor simply won't open up anymore.
And since there's no 32-bit variant of Traktor coming with the installation any longer,
I can't try that variant either.

Thanks in advance!

HW: Traktor Kontrol S8 (ASIO) + Audioquest Dragonfly RED (WASAPI)