Knotty Boy - Knotty Knoizes setup
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    Default Knotty Boy - Knotty Knoizes setup

    ***see jpeg(s) at bottom***

    INTRO: First off, sorry for the seeming troll post, but this is the proposed setup for the studio i'll be putting together soon over the next 2 months or so. (currently in Afghanistan at the time of this post).

    BACKGROUND: I'm new to DJTT so this is my self-intro. I'm getting back into music prod and DJ stuff because all my cheapie mobile stuff went into storage when I started working overseas. Now I have a house again and ready to rebuild and reinvent myself with a heavy interest in progressive and dubstep-ish stuff. Previously, I used a MXL usb mic Rokit monitors and a windows laptop with Cool Edit Pro 2.1 and Fruity Loops 7 XXL and isotope ozone 4, of course all pirated. Music production background is more in rap/hip-hop beats for others with a little radio play from lesser-known artists. Then i joined the military and would co-produce with other veterans and eventually worked with some USO tour stuff. When I was stationed in Korea, i had a cheapie CDJ in a box thing I'd use for bs room parties (had to stay pretty minimal.

    GEAR: I just ordered the latest FL studio 12 and isotope ozone 8 adv and ordered a Rode NT1A mic and will start using XLR and TRS cables. Akai MPK225 MIDI and Saffire 6 usb interface (never used but will now). I have about 3 guitars (one is a 12-string), 6 ukuleles (various sizes), a bass, a banjo, various shakers and tambourines and other various oddballs collected thru travels in the air force along with amps and loop pedals, and KRK Rokit monitors. I still have my Cool Edit Pro 2.1 so might use for something, gonna try to get away from it though.

    RECAP: newbie here reinventing himself and relearning everything from square one. Still havnt decided on an actual name to go by, but I guess it doesn't matter until im ready to release something to the world or gig. (Knotty Boy comes from a reggae single "Cause I'm Irie" I released on iTunes back in 2014, just for fun).

    My emphasis of learning now is in the general sound of the likes of Slushii/Skrillex/Marshmello, so that would be more the effects (compressions, EQ, enveloping, etc) but would like to get back into actual DJing as I believe the old school ways of beat-matching and mixing are required fundamentals. The idea of this is purely interest-driven, but wouldn't mind seeing if I could eventually gig and throw on a show... im talking masked/disguised entertainment and all lol... yes, I would be that guy, but would also like to learn how to create the whole custom light show as well.

    STUDIO PLANS: Using a U-shaped desk w/hutch and will have a futon (groupie couch) in there, too, via amazon. Egg shakers and other weird sound makers will probably go in a basket or something i'll mount to the wall, including a cable organizer. Will have the monitors (Rokits) most likely on stands in the near future, when I decide on the ones I want, or build. everything pictured is owned, I'm just not there to take physical pics at the moment but will take progress pics as it comes together, so I thought someone else might like to see the room come together.

    Note: have NOT purchased acoustic treatment material yet, and the Akai midi controller I have will go somewhere on the desk with the Kontrol S4... the desk is pretty massive so I'm sure it wont be a problem. The room is a square hardwood-flooring office, about 12 x 12'. After the room comes together i'll probably throw some cosmetics in there along with RGB accent lights.

    Next post will be of an actual pic as well as a gear list to include my pedal and said egg shakers : )

    Thoughts and criticism is always welcomed.

    u-shape desk


    Knotty Knoizes.jpg
    Knotty Knoizes3.jpg
    Knotty Knoizes2.jpg
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