Power Issue with Pioneer DDJ SB and iPad
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    Default Power Issue with Pioneer DDJ SB and iPad

    So I just bought a Pioneer DDJ SB and hooked it up to my iPad using the Camera Adapter. The new one with the lightning port and the USB port. The iPad is charging fine. Last night everything worked perfectly. I was DJing with DJay Pro for over an hour. No issues. Now today it won't turn on.

    Suddenly it did come on again and it worked perfectly. Then I disconnected everything and tried it again and it won't turn on.

    When I plug a phone into the USB on the camera adapter it does start charging it. So the camera adapter is putting out power.

    I ordered a powered USB hub and I'm hoping it will solve the issue.

    It's annoying because it does work when it magically decides to. The controller says it's only 500 mA.

    Anybody got any ideas why this intermittent issue is happening?

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    One more thing. When I plug the controller straight into the wall charger it turns on perfectly.

    My multimeter is measuring 4.9 volts coming from the camera adapter and 5.1 volts coming from the wall charger.

    It seems that the camera adapter is on the edge of power output for the controller. But why does it suddenly work sometimes?

    Hopefully the powered USB hub will work.

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    The powered USB worked.

    Thanks to me.

    You're the best man.

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    iOS can be picky when its on the fence about a devices power requirements its probably only a milliamp in the wrong direction. The difference of a single LED switched on or off on the controller might be the reason why it worked before, but not now.

    Theres only 100ma current available from the CCK (its not the voltage) - Pioneer probably went with 500ma as its standard on most USB devices even when only a few milliamps are needed.

    It also helps manufacturers avoid the necessity to answer unnecessary support queries when someone decides to try using one of their controllers on a low-output USB port

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