So forgive me for the novice nature of this post but I am trying to get creative with my setup if possible. I have read and watched a number of video s on the bridge but am not sure that is exactly what i am looking for.Also im not sure my version of Ableton supports the bridge.
I am looking to simply use scratch live and be able to launch clips and effects out of abelton at the same time. I suppose it would be nice to be able to create effects as well to the audio coming out of the decks within ableton but not trying to over complicate. I am using Tech1200s, the ttm57sl with scratch live and ableton 8 with an apc40 all connected to a somewhat older macbook pro. What are my options? what are some ways i can utilize these tools together and where do I start in connecting inputs and outputs etc.

Once again, kind of a slow learner when it comes to audio connectivity so forgive me for sounding stupid. Any help would be much appreciated.