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    Im a beginner DJ from Prague heavily interested in techno for more than 4 years. Through these years I heard a lot of techno and create very picky sense of what i like and what i don't. I DJ for about a year in half and i find hard to find tracks what i like. I like deep, groovy, loopy kind of tracks either techno or dub techno. I don't know if Im too picky or am I searching for tracks on wrong places. Or should I be more aware of what producers do often this kind of tracks? In my opinion I need bigger library to be able dj and not to prepare my set that much before. Sometimes i find that my tracks ire kind of hard to mix together. Maybe is just my lack of grown music sense or I don't know and I need help, because I DJ for first time in club in two weeks on our prom afterparty. Do you have some recommendations?
    Here is the list of my very all tracks i like to play.
    A Thousand Details - Amorph.mp3
    A Thousand Details - Vexus X .mp3
    Adriana Lopez - Sequel.mp3
    Artefakt - Curvature Of Mind [SBCV003].mp3
    Artefakt - From Our Minds To Yours.mp3
    Artefakt - The Radiant City [DSC013].mp3
    Artefakt - Transit.mp3
    Artefakt - Twilit.mp3
    Astronomy Domine - Coma [OVQVA002].mp3
    Astronomy Domine - Sparandoci tutto [IAR99].mp3
    Blawan - Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage.mp3
    Blazej Malinowski - Open Closed Open [Technosoul 003].mp3
    Blazej Malinowski - Profundity [KONTRAFAKTUM002].mp3
    Boston 168 - Oblivion [ODDEVEN004].mp3
    Burial - Lambeth.mp3
    CHPTR - CHPTR V [CHPTR002].mp3
    CHPTR - X [CHPTR004].mp3
    Clotur - Thousand and One Nights.mp3
    Dyad - From Another Place.mp3
    Ground Loop - Citizen Two [GYNOID015].mp3
    Hertz Collision - All Going [OD003].mp3
    I.F.R. - Inductance (Original Mix).mp3
    In Sync - Storm.mp3
    Inherent - Non Accenna A Smettere.mp3
    Joachim Spieth - Luciferin [AFFINLP001LTD].mp3
    John Barsik - Sortilege [ANDROID223].mp3
    Kangding Ray - Amber decay (Original mix).mp3
    Kangding Ray - Summerend [FABHTH001].mp3
    Lewis Fautzi - Blocker (Original Mix) [FIGURE].mp3
    Love Never Leaves Me - With You.mp3
    Midland - Trace.mp3
    NIGM - The Frozen Planet (Official Video) (LR010).mp3
    nthng - Human.mp3
    Oliver Deutschmann - Downstairs.mp3
    Organit - Stasis.mp3
    Oscar Mulero - Eccentricity [TOKEN64].mp3
    Randomer - Bring.mp3
    Re-Axis - Synthesize.mp3
    Reggy Van Oers - Ebullient [INFORMA010].mp3
    Reggy van Oers - Shunned (Deepbass Remix).mp3
    Reggy Van Oers - Tetra.mp3
    Rhomb - Run in Circles [MODULARZ027].mp3
    Seelow - TFExx4B [TFExx4].mp3
    Setaoc Mass - M 14.mp3
    Setaoc Mass - Sket.mp3
    Shlomi Aber - Under Two Worlds [FIGURE088].mp3
    Shl°mo - Vertigo [ICR005].mp3
    Sinfol - Trembling [ANAGRAM007].mp3
    SP-X - X-5684 (Original Mix).mp3
    Svarog - Remote (Original Mix) | Circular 16.mp3
    Thomas Hessler - Berlin Movement.mp3
    Thomas Hoffknecht Brain Original Mix.mp3
    Tom Dicicco - Material Things.mp3
    Van der Meer - Allmende [K003d].mp3
    VII Circle - Alpha [REM001].mp3
    Vladw - 012324.92.mp3
    Vladw - Puslo.mp3
    Vladw - Rumia [PRRUKD041].mp3
    Yan Cook - Grey Layers.mp3
    Zadig - The Hadron's Trail [SKRPT032].mp3
    Alessandro Crimi - Underwater Exploration 1.mp3
    Ceephax Acid Crew - Emotinium (Roy Of The Ravers Secret Mix).mp3
    Dense Pika - Colt [HF041].mp3
    Faltin - Phobos.mp3
    Floorplan - Tell You No Lie [M-PLANT].mp3
    Floorplan a.k.a. Robert Hood - Never Grow Old (Re-Plant) [M-PLANT].mp3
    Florian Kupfer - Feelin [L.I.E.S. 014.5].mp3
    Frankey & Sandrino - Acamar.mp3
    Gustav S÷llscher & Patrick Siech - Pulse Train [CORLP40].mp3
    Herbert - I Hadn't Known (I Only Heard).mp3
    Idealist - Source Of Uncertainty [001].mp3
    Interstate - Karl-L÷we-St. Groove (ft. Birol).mp3
    Janeret - Air [BERGADGTL02].mp3
    Janeret - Echoes.mp3
    Jerome.c - A1 Agnes 2.mp3
    JS Zeiter - Transition [RANGES06].mp3
    Liem - If Only (Le Hult).mp3
    Mano Le Tough - Primative People (Tale Of Us Remix).mp3
    Marco Cassanelli - 808 (Daniele Casa Remix).mp3
    Massimiliano Pagliara - Everything That Happens Is Supposed To Happen.mp3
    Mathew Jonson - Marionette.mp3
    Modern Amusement feat. GPS - Real Love.mp3
    Moloko - Sing it back (Herbert's Tasteful Dub).mp3
    Monoder - G1.mp3
    Reinier Zonneveld ft. Cari Golden - Things We Might Have Said.mp3
    So Inagawa - Selfless State.mp3
    Ten Walls - Requiem (Original Mix).mp3
    Traumer - Hoodlum [DESOLAT038].mp3
    Versilov - 0205.mp3
    Wankelmut & Emma Louise - My Head Is A Jungle (MK Remix).mp3
    Weast - Cocola.mp3
    Yafee - Grik2.mp3

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    what up man -- only you know your music collection and taste. the people who booked you - booked you on what they heard you play - so dont change your set based on what you think you need. i am not saying dont be prepared to not have back up tracks incase they dont feel your music.

    what i would start off doing is looking at the songs you have and look up other tracks on the labels that you are spinning from. they tend to have the same sort of sound if that is what you are looking for. other wise go to and look and see what your favorite djs are spinning and add some flavor to your library.

    good luck

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    Trackhunter is a good way to find tracks, spend a lot of time on searching tracks, that's what makes you stand out'...
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