hey all -- took a break from spinning -- now getting back into it and have a question
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    Default hey all -- took a break from spinning -- now getting back into it and have a question

    as the title states - i took a long break from djn. maybe about 3.5 years -- since this time my musical taste have changed. i used to spin alot of the mainstage stuff / electro / breaks. i have since turned to the darkside of things lol... listening to alot of drum n bass as well as techno. think bassline smith / filterheadz / d unity stuff.

    i started early in the digital game and was one of the first peeps to purchase the old vestax vci 100 and then moved on to the native instruments s4 when it first came out. i also still have my generation 1 midi fighter sitting on my bookshelf!!

    what i would like to ask is since i am more interested in spinning techno stuff now - i would like to emulate the sounds of chris liebing / adam beyer / dubfire without getting a model 1 mixer or dual x1s.

    would the s8 make sense for me? what i would like to do is play parts of a track on maybe 2 or 3 decks and then add in my own samples of drums / basslines / cymbals and be able to add effects on these sounds.

    beatport has changed alot as they now offer stems and what i really like is the new beatport sounds library which is why i am asking this question.

    is there a single unit i could purchase that would allow me to do the above ? -- loop parts of tracks while adding in bank of sounds such as cymbals and allow me to efx the cymbals?

    thanks all!

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    i mean pretty much anything is possible with a few faders and buttons in traktor. maybe this well help you out.

    also not quite sure why you wouldnt want a modular setup. sounds like a custom rig would better suit your needs anyways. something like this is what i would find appealing

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    Why not go for a set up like ean had/has


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    S8 will do fine. Gives the option to add timecode if you want.
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