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    Default Traktor->Soundflower->AbletonLive->XoneDB4

    Hi guys,
    could not come up with a comprehensive Title!

    Basically, i am wondering if i can route 4 decks from Traktor into Ableton Live, apply fx/plug-ins on Ableton, but still retain mixing and play back on the Xone DB4. Additionally i'd like to retain the ability to record my mixes inside Traktor post fx and eq.

    Any suggestions ? Have a few controllers lying around and thought i could use them for plug-in control for my live sets.

    Thanks guys

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    Everything except recording with Traktor, yes.

    Traktor uses Soundflower (64 ch) as it's soundcard.

    Live uses Soundflower (64 ch) as it's input sound card and the DB4 as it's output sound card. You can route the signals from Traktor however you want (within reason) to add effects, sends, etc., only limited by the number of outputs it can send to the DB4 and the power/ram of your computer.

    Do the mixing on the DB4. IIRC, the DB4 will send a record signal back to the computer over USB...if that's the case, use Audacity to record it.

    I've done exactly that with an A10, and it works fine.

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