A Little Side Project (OBS Web Clone with Built-In Effects)
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    Default A Little Side Project (OBS Web Clone with Built-In Effects)


    I posted this in the intro thread but thought it might have been buried in the noise.

    I've been working on a version of OBS for the browser with some custom built-in effects.

    I wanted to share a demo here and see if there are other nerds who might be interested in this.

    The app is not yet released. It can already screen capture (what you see in the demo above is DJ Maculate on Twitch, one of the best DJs on the Twitch scene for this genre, highly recommended) and process that via WebGL in realtime and it can do the same for videos, images, etc, and switch between scenes, change colors in the layers, etc. There is more on that YouTuve channel.

    Happy to answer any questions and connect with like-hearted people



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    Looks cool and super useful!

    Can it run alongside OBS and have each record unique sources simultaneously? (i.e. screencapture via your app and videocapture using OBS)
    Does the slider section interact with the mouse scroll as well? And are there any shortcuts or midi assignments ? (ideally, I would have them mapped to Midi Fighter Twister)

    The goal is to have two different video tracks for editing. I know that OBS can be started multiple times but interested in adding built in effects if that's possible.

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