The art of being a DJ-wh3r3 do i start
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    Default The art of being a DJ-wh3r3 do i start

    Ive made up my mind and as weird as it sounds i want to be a DJ
    I just dont know where to start im 13 years old and christmas is coming up i really love dj's i just never understood how they got into it. Where do i get my turntable, the records, and so many questions more i have to ask from you guys
    Can you help a little dude out?
    I just love this music!!!!
    and that midi fighter thing is just dream to die for!

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    You could start out by downloading mixxx ( and playing around with whatever music you have on it. It's free, and of surprisingly high quality for it's price. That's how I started out, anyway.

    You should also sift through google for tutorials on beatmatching, and possibly take piano lessons for a grasp of music theory that will do more help for you than you might think.
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    Read. Whatever you do, read.

    Buy The Art Of DJing Right, watch Scratch, watch Q-Bert's videos, go to DJTutor and get an idea of the basics.

    Don't just buy or download. you need to understand what the stuff does and how it works. Then you'll be golden
    It's the FAQ. Read it.

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    lol its kinda funny i just got back from school dance
    and im literally watching scartch right now man i wanna be a dj so badly
    lol i was just watching the dj at the dance bleh

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    You remind me alot of myself at that age. I started when I was 12 or so, it's something that has stuck with me for a while (I'm 25 now).

    If there is something the books can't teach you, is the psychology behind doing this stuff. Don't get into it to be popular, or to "make it big", do it because it's a passion you have, and you want to share it with people, like you would art work. And don't let it get to your head either, nobody likes a DJ with an over inflated ego

    Respect the people who support you, aim to perfect your art, and be proud of your development.

    And most of all: learn beat matching, mixing techniques/principles, and scratching without the aid of a program. Technology is a great tool, but if you don't have the foundation skills to use it, it's only a crutch.

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    I started when I was 14..I am now 33 (geez!)

    When I started it was a different game...2 turntables and a mixer. Now it's full of great applications and digital vinyl systems. Whats cool about the game now is that you have so many wonderful options. I'd suggest for you to start with the music you like and find out what are those DJ's using.

    If it's hip-hop you may want turntables and a digital vinyl system. You can get DJDecks which works great and has a free demo that works for 30 mins without interruption. Mixxx is also another free option. You'd don't need to spend a million bucks to start. I started on 2 50$ used turntables and a mixer I got for Christmas.

    If you are into Electronic music then you may want to start learning how to mix with controllers. It's different than using 2 turntables but the goal is the same..Rock the crowd.

    What I recommend is that you check out Youtube and watch video's by the DJTutor as mentioned before and just check out DJ's in general. When I started there weren't many people I could learn from, the internet changes this completely. Try and learn how to beat mix by ear, if you rely purely on a computer and a sync button you will not know what to do when challenged with a traditional setup.

    As a DJ you need to master the music you play....By this I mean strive to learn from others. Watch DJ's on video and see how they do it, watch for key things like:
    • What made the crowd respond?
    • What techniques did you really like?
    • How did he or she match 2 songs?

    The bottom line is to have fun...DJ'ing is one of my favorite things to do, I've been playing about 19 years (double yikes!!) and I still enjoy it. There is no better feeling in the world then making a room full of individuals forget their worries because of your music. I have played to rooms of 3000+ people and I'd gladly play to 20 or 30 great fans.

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    hang out with djs, ask them for tips. go to lots of parties and all ages events/raves. get a copy of Traktor software.

    that's the best place to start, none of the more advanced stuff and technical jargon will make any sense until you get your feet wet with the scene and technology more.

    it takes a long time to learn how to do properly, but it's a lot of fun and easier to pickup than playing an instrument or recording engineering.
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    wear sunglasses indoors and resent people that play the same tracks you do. you should be fine.

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    Default Re: The art of being a DJ-wh3r3 do i start

    Welcome to djtt mr white ranger, I have to say that you picked one great site to learn the ins and out of djing.

    To learn how to Dj, google, YouTube and djtt are going to be ur best friends. Your going have to do your homework and read a lot of materials. The previous post will help.

    Btw where are u from? It would be dope if a fellow djtt member could tutor and help you with the basics.

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    Welcome to DJTT - dont forget to read the FAQ it has allsorts of godly info for beginners through to those people know it all -

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