Greetings all, this is my first post on DJ Tech Tools.

I bought a Rane Sixty Eight (unaware that it was a discontinued product) and a MacBook Pro (Intel Core i7, 2.8 GHz, Quadcore L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB, L3 Cache: 6 MB, 16 GB DDR3) in late 2015, when El Capitan was the standard OS and, being new to Serato, I had no idea that it was the buggiest OS, especially where hardware compatibility is concerned.

A few months after I bought my mixer and before I was able to run a stable update to Serato DJ on my Mac, something happened that stopped the control vinyl being recognised within Serato; the waveforms would appear greyed out, as if it was in Through mode, and I had (still have) no DVS control in my home set up. However, when I use the SL3 in the studio that I broadcast from (internet radio station) there are no issues with the vinyl control at all.

I recently bit the bullet and upgraded the OS to High Sierra (I tried to download Sierra but the installation file was corrupted, both were direct from Apple via the App Store), which Iím running with DJ Pro 2.0.2. Again, all good in the studio but I still canít use the vinyl at home, which means that I canít practice and am literally having to learn the programme during my live broadcasts. Not ideal.

Anyway, my current home set up includes 2 Pioneer PLX1000's, plugged into the Rane, which feed my DynAudio and Event monitors via an old Hafler power amp and a Pioneer DDJ-SP1 as an add on for Serato. I've had various 'cheap' turntables, CD players (not CDJs) and mixers in the past, but they all let me down sooner or later.

Because I know it didn't happen unless you've got pics, please follow this link to see a short video of my set up when it was actually working.

One Love, Spy!