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    Default Inspiration!

    I haven't been on here in a while I'm having trouble finding inspiration to produce new tunes. I've been out of rehab of a few months, and since im clean now I want to get into producing new music. I just want to know what inspires some of you guys to make new tunes. Thanks.
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    Default Inspiration!

    if you think you still havent recovered well best is to spend some time with your family and friends enjoy things.
    And after that put your hands on the work.

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    just try to change smth in your life , try smth new and maybe after that you will find the inspiration!)

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    I admire you that your clean now, I suggest spending some time with your friends and family.
    I am cleaning my self from nicotine and the first 4 days is my worst nightmare. Now I am at day 45.
    My inspirations is my kids towards to reboot. Later on you will find your inspiration just trust the god

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    I play videogames for days until I have a tune or two in my mind. I prefer sandboxes which can really stimulate my brain. I would suggest this garry's mod download link and try for yourself.

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