What up guys. I havent been here in quite a long time. Ill post a new topic of the exciting things that have happened to me over the past few years but im here to talk real quick about Podcasting.

A long time ago i wrote an article for DJTT
Podcasting 101: Get Your DJ Podcast Onto iTunes

It sparked so much conversation an interest that even now, 5 years later im still getting Q&A about it.
I just wanted to clear something up on this issue. Recently a video came out telling how you can use your SoundCloud account to make the podcast work:

Wonderful right? Because we all use SC...but there is ONE very important thing to note.

If you go the SoundCloud route, great, but you'lll hit a roadblock.
Soundcloud = Limited Space for a lot of money

The method that i outline in the article means YOU DO NOT HAVE LIMITED SPACE.
So if you go the route youd like me to help you set up with then---
Unlimited Space
No files deleted
No need to have licensed the songs / mixes

You guys use whatever method you like but personally id be pissed if i came to my account one day and found my BEST mixes were deleted.