hey there, just got super inspired at my local music fest near seattle, sasquatch

had the idea of simplifying my live setup around an 8-track mixer filled with stems of long versions of songs - i could go into more detail but its not super necessary to the main question.

so i picked up a used tascam DP 008EX for 129, and i like the size but the file import from the SD card might be a tad slow and tedious. I was planning on not having anything recorded to the 8-track, just spit out a bunch of stems for each song.

are there any DP-008EX users out there that can confirm that basically I have to hook the tascam to my mac via usb and only then i have to pick one stem at a time? I could make that work for this price, and will be happy to have this as a toy for acoustic demos when traveling. but for my idea of having the main storage happening on the SD, do any of the Zooms (R8 and R24) have the ability to just drag and drop songs via my MacOS finder to the machine? I am just hoping to settle with the right digital mixer with the fastest workflow to send new stems to, just so i can have the most fluid show prep process.