(Not so) guilty pleasures
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    Default (Not so) guilty pleasures

    What are the genres/examples of music that you secretly (or not so secretly) like but would never play in your set?

    For example, in my early days of, ahem, unlicensed broadcasting I was on the same station as Fabio & Groovryder (although they weren't partners at the time) and they switched from Soul/Funk and Disco respectively to what they since became famous for. I really liked Jungle/D'n'B when I first encountered them but I was too busy (and broke) buying Rap, R&B and Reggae to jump on the bandwagon. I also liked a lot of UK Garage but hardly have any of that in my collection too.

    So what would you listen to if you weren't playing it?

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    Most of the time when I drive home from my Gigs (I have to drive 1h back home) I listen to Classic Music Radio.

    My favorites are Piano Concertos.

    We never should Forget that this music is the roots to all the actual Music Genres.

    Actually listening to those Harmonies and Melodies gives me a lot of Inspiration for my sets.

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