VCI 100 Mk 2 Mapping
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    Using a vci 100 mk 2 really as a back up /practice controller these days ( have a Reloop Mixon 4 I usually gig with ) but take the 100 mk 2 with me when travelling etc .Also use it to practice- cue points etc in serato which is handy being a smaller unit than the mixon,
    I use Serato with the Mixon .. however I can use Serato Dj Pro with the 100 mk 2 and it works great except the headphone cues dont work ( dosnt work in serato lite or intro either ) . They do in VDJ 8 .. is there a way of modifying the mapping or another fix for this in Serato ?
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    found solution
    connected to Master Out 2:

    - Switch Set to: 3 & 4
    - Headphone Mix Rotary: 12 O'Clock Position
    - Hardware Cue Gain Rotary: 12 O'clock Position
    - PFL button engaged on Preferred channel.
    - Hardware Headphone Volume knob set to appropriate level

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    nice solution, thanks for your share

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