Yes I know its very old but I need someone that knows a lot about traktor 3.3 .After downloading the manufacturer midi mapping my deck A and Deck B pitch and BPM is all goofy. It plays it real fast , so then tried putting the key button on so it doesn't sound that way. My questions is...........

1.) First is there a diagram for Traktor 3.3 that shows the relation between what you pick in the menu and and what it controls on the screen ?.Its kind of hard to edit my current midi mapping when I have to start clean and play a bunch to figure what controls what. It would save some time.

2.) How come when i hit the :2 and x2 button the BPM doesn't divide or double( my BMP is stuck on 163 and need it near 130 or so)
. I need to to figure the correct settings for the pitch values and BPm range etc. Any help ? Also When I change the pitch fader on my VCI-100 it doenst change the pitch on my BMP panel above, why?