Please help, archiving vinyl to digital. Thoughts?
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    Default Please help, archiving vinyl to digital. Thoughts?

    Hello everyone.

    If any of you out there record your records to digital formats, I need your opinion about some things I am dealing with.

    1. I generally find that the recordings have maybe 20-30% less bass than most of my modern digital files that I might purchase from Beatport etc. Sometimes I will find that the high end might sound a little too pronounced compared to some digital files, but I tend to not worry about that so much.

    2. Another problem is that the recordings are way too quiet compared to my new music. I hate the loudness wars.
    I guess actually my newer music is way too loud, but I digress.

    So what would be the best way for me to try and add more bass to these songs without making the songs sound bad? It sucks that I have to process the entire song instead of being able to isolate and bass enhance individual track elements. I know my way around Sound Forge and FL Studio pretty well, but I don't have any super expensive tools to work with.

    Or would you suggest that I just ignore the issue with bass and just adjust my EQs when mixing?

    One comment I expect is "buy a better turntable." That's not gonna happen. I don't buy or own enough vinyl to make such a purchase sensible. I buy 1 to 3 records a year, if that. I have an older Technics SL-BD22 and I'm sticking with that.

    Lastly, what are your suggestions for the volume issue? I need these sounds to match up with the newer music that I play. I usually try something like a transparent sounding limiter, but I feel deep down that I am messing something up by putting this music through a process that it has probably already gone through when recorded to vinyl.

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    The music you're archiving has already been processed and EQ'd, so unless you have badly worn vinyl do not mess with anything. It would be like mastering a DJ mix, it's completely pointless. Get a decent hifi stylus for your deck, research online what best fits the one you have. What are you plugging it all into? Volume shouldn't be an issue, I always record giving myself plenty of headroom and I then increase the volume in Audacity afterwards.
    Upping the volume, and taking the silences out at the beginning and ending of the take, is literally all you need to do.
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    ^Everything you need to know right there, mate.

    But honestly - it hardly seems worth it for what sounds like a small record collection. Record ‘em as .wav, convert to your preferred format for DJ’ing, and EQ in the mix as necessary.

    If I was you, I’d add a tag, or a note in the file name, indicating that it was ripped from vinyl. Just an additional visual indicator to remind you that you’ve got a little extra EQ’ing/gain to do when playing that track out.
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    Ozone 8 is your friend. This is a continuuing project for me (still buy 5-10 records a week). I record them into audition. Then I use Ozone 8 to bring the levels up. Then they are saved as .wav 24bit with a V at the end of the filename (reminding me that it is a vinyl rip).
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