Happy 808 day everyone!

Roland debuted the TR-808 in 1980 for $1,200. Although the drum machine was only in production for 3 years due to initially being a commercial failure, it gained a strong foothold in the world of music. Tradition musicians felt it lacked an acoustic sound. It was not until later that electronic musicians and hip hop producers started using the 808. The booming bass, thick snare, and transient clap stood out easily in the mix.

In honor of international 808 day,we are releasing a small sample pack which contains some of the iconic sounds created by the drum machine. All sounds created in house at Bassline Syndicate Studio.

Other 808 news:

Behring RD-808
Today Behringer released its first officical video of the RD-808. Not much is known about the unit, as they have not released any details publicly. Currently it appears to be an analog clone of the classic Roland TR-808 with a couple of minor differences.

The main differences are a wave designer section (which includes attack and sustain), added filter, rubberized buttons, and USB midi (with software in development?). The other differences are in cosmetics and build. As the current state of the unit is still the hand-made model and not the production unit, there will be more to be added.


808 Beer?

The guys behind the 808 documentary on Apple music bring you this:

Synthplex 2019 Registration Open

If you love synthesizers or music production in general, we look forward to seeing you in Burbank next March at Synthplex. The event will be held at the Burbank airport Marriott. This year's speakers include, but are not limited to, Dave Smith, Russell Brower, and Marc Doty. You can check out a full list of exhibitors by following the link below.

You can register for Synthplex by visiting https://synthplex.com/tickets.php

DSP R808 Module on Sale

Bring that 808 sound to your synth rack with the R808 Drum Module from DSP Synthesizers. On sale today for $80.80. Purchase at https://dspsynth.eu/webshop/product/r808-module/

Ask.Audio Sale

Get an entire year of streamed courses from Ask.Audio for $72 or $9/month. This is a savings of 60-40% off. Sign up via https://ask.audio/808-day-sale.

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