KRK Rokit 8 G3 Issue
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    Default KRK Rokit 8 G3 Issue

    ok, i purchased my rokit 8's (G3) in September 2014, almost 4 years old. For the first 2+ years i owned these i lived in fairly small spaces and never really got to turn them up, but in fact i actually did have one session where i remember turning them up fairly loud a few days after purchase and not having any kind of issues, and, for the most part my rokits have been good to me, but one thing that has confused me has been what i would call there "eratic performance at loud volumes"

    just under 2 years ago i decided i wanted to try to find the limit for the speakers, how loud could they go where it wouldnt go any louder/clip/cause problems, and ontop of that i wanted to find out how my DJM900 could possibly sound if it got close to the limiter and started using compression to avoid going over or even go over the limit with no limiter enabled (i do NOT have the limiter enabled on my DJM900)

    what i found was that it got to a certain point where turning it up wasnt doing anything, im about 99% sure this was the limiter of the krk being engaged, which im guessing is followed up by some compression or straight volume reduction

    but then, after maybe 30 mins or less i found it would start crackle-ing

    and i did and have always attributed this to heatbuildup causing the speaker to fail at high volumes

    a few months back i used them at a outdoor party and noticed i had them so loud for so long, and higher output on the mixer, with no wierd clipping/crackling after 3-4 hours of intense usage

    so why did they perform better? i thought it was maybe the cool air passing by them outside allowing better cooling and the speakers to keep from overheating

    now the other day after changing a power configuration the speakers crackled at the lowest volume ive ever heard, and then 5-10 mins later stopped...............

    i have alot of things on the powerbar, can my speakers not getting enough voltage cause this issue? can interference from other electronics on the same circuit cause this issue? whats happening

    i also wanna say i have rokit 8 G2's and i cant recreate the issue................................ apparently thats 10 watts issue is making some problems........... because the G2's i have have NEVER done this, i enherited these speakers a few months back from a friend

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    blown speaker?
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    It could have been the DJM-900 if you were still using it. I have had times when loading a certain song and playing it through my 900NXS2 the quality would drop making it sound like I downloaded the song was being played through a phone speaker. Even after changing to another song the quality would sound the same but after switching the input from Digital to Analog and then back to Digital seemed to reset the channel back to normal. It was super weird I know but I noticed it happen when I played a particular song from my CDJs and would only affect the channel I played it on.

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