*Help* Xone K:1 and Maschine Sync on Windows
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    Default *Help* Xone K:1 and Maschine Sync on Windows

    Hi there! recently i bought a Maschine MK1 and added it to my set up, i run Traktor and Maschine in the same time(on windows) and sync it as the NI page walktrought(with a virtual midi port) i activate the Link button between Traktor and Maschine but the only problem is that for some reason the K1 send MIDI signal to the Maschine program, so if i want to activate and FX on Traktor, a sample on Maschine sounds up and i really dont know why, Maschine does not send signal to Traktor program...i really worried about what happens here! i aprecciate your help and sorry for my bad english

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    Have you tried changing the MIDI channel of the K1?
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    You don't need to use a virtual MIDI port, just click the LINK button in both programs and they will sync up instantly.

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    yup, just use the link function in traktor and maschine software no need for midi ports in traktor.
    And if the problem persists change the midi channel on the K1
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