Gear Advice please - I need a mixer with split cue x
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    Default Gear Advice please - I need a mixer with split cue x

    Hello everybody,

    I am wondering could you please give me some advice. I currently have the XDJ 700's and I am looking for a mixer to go with them, however I need to guarantee that they have the split cue function on beforehand. I live in a shared house which is very quiet and my housemates are not going to appreciate the techno ha ha. So when I am at home, the majority of the time I will need to mix solely in my headphones and not out loud through my speakers. This isn't ideal, but I would rather do this than not practice at all.

    I have my eye on the pioneer DJM 350 or 450 or Xone 32 mixers. I have heard mixed reviews about each of these - some people have said they do not have split cue and some people saying they do. Does anybody have any experience and could offer me some advice before I part with my money?- what would you recommend?

    I am quite new to Djing, so sorry if this sounds a bit silly,

    Thanks a lot,

    Ashley x

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    Greetings Ashley,

    I don't have any experience with the specific mixers that you mentioned but I do use a Xone:43C and I love the split cue function on it. The sound quality of the headphone amp is very good, it goes quite loud and has two outputs; 3.5mm & 6.3mm. Personally, I prefer the Allen & Heath implementation of split cue over the Pioneer approach, but Pioneer mixers tend to be more prevalent in the clubs and that might be a deciding factor for you. HTH

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    looks like a visit to an actual store is the way to go, to see if it fits your need...

    On the djm and the xone you can see a button/fader that says mixing : cue and master so you can hear the cue and or master together so mixin on headphones is possible
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    Hey mate. You don't necessarily need split cue, as long as the mixer has cue buttons and a cue/master knob you can mix just fine in your headphones.

    I mostly mix this way at home, Leave the cue/master at 12 O'Clock and embrace the Tinnitus
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    There’s also a workaround using a couple of cable splitters that I’ve used in the past. Allows you to have the master output in both sides of the cans, and your cue only in one side...
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