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    Thanks again. As you seem very clued up, would you know if this set up would work please?

    Mixer of my choice - Rane SL2 or Denon DS1 - Reckordbox - being able to play in thru mode in Rekordbox (as the interfaces are not supported)?

    I think my big question at the moment is, can I play standard vinyl in a thru mode on Rekordbox with a non supported interface?
    I've heard the Rane SL2 and the DS1 have good sound quality. It leaves me open to get a good sounding mixer of my choice.
    Or am I just hoping and will have to use the software bundled with the interface, in this case, Serato DJ pro.

    And I'm still looking for an answer to, are you able to midi map or use thru mode on Rekordbox without a pioneer supported product?
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, currently A&H mixers are the only ones that offer pure analog signal for the regular vinyl in parallel with DVS, only that DVS is not Rekordbox but Traktor. I think Rekordbox can also work with them, as with any soundcard(?), but that's unofficial and may change at any moment.

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    I use an Audio 6 with Rekordbox, I couldnít figure out how to use thru mode until I posted on the forum and was told to select it by using the Audio 6 control panel. I keep it as an open window so itís not much hassle switching between. Real vinyl sounds great to my ears and Rekordbox is fun to use.

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