Roland dj 202 headphone cue problem with TSP2 2.8.1 32 bit
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    Default Roland dj 202 headphone cue problem with TSP2 2.8.1 32 bit

    Roland dj 202
    1.So in the first picture i wanna play a track in deck a i can hear the track in my master i don't have the cue button's pressed as you can see in the pic but i can still hear it in my headphones.
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    2.Another example i have my track from deck a playing in my master so i wanna preview the next track i want to mix in witch is in deck b with the cue button activated.So again i can hear both track's in my headphones without the mix rottary being turned on.
    I read on forums that other controllers had the same problems.What am i missing here?Am i doing something wrong?
    I tried reinstalling drivers and traktor itself nothing helped.
    So if someone knows something hit me up cheers!

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    You probably have mixed up usb channels under Preferences-Output. Switch those under Master for Monitor and other way around
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