Literally The Fastest way to Write Music
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    Cool Literally The Fastest way to Write Music

    One way

    So Kick pattern, Snare pattern, Clap, hit hat ect ect,, start with simple melody and baseline then have them laid one measure in front of you( or however long you want your loop to be. then guess what copy paste and warp samples lol then go back and start deleting stuff to give the song structure don't be afraid to use a filters for the melody once you have a foundation start adding effects and samples and also don’t go crazy with mixing just start with an eq and volume and you will be on your first step to becoming a g.

    Now if you think your hot shit and know what your talking about try this out if thats to simple. Lol

    Second way

    All you need is a laptop speaker and headphones so save your money if you have accesses to a studio even better but really doesn’t matter because if you can make it sound good on a laptop speaker it will sound good anywhere just find a drum machine that works for you route each individual drum to a different track and mix those drums to your liking if it sounds good it sounds good cool part about that is you can save it as a template and just have to replace the samples then you can write as many songs as you want possible think out side the box don’t open up a blank project and start from scratch each time because you will be sitting there mixing that snare for hours lmfao.

    So there are many ways to write songs faster but I am not a writer I was thinking about showing people directly so they can just copy me completely but it is too time consuming so if you have questions just ask me.
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