BPM Aaarghhhhhhh!!!!
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    Default BPM Aaarghhhhhhh!!!!

    Can anyone tell me why when you have 2 tracks mixed after you mix one and switch to either deck you cant just change the BPM?

    I seem to have to move the pitch fader up or down until it levels out to the original BPM and then i can change it

    While doing this often the BPM range changes to WIDE as well which is even more annoying as I have to then manually change this with the mouse?

    Please help this is driving me insane.

    TIA Bart

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    it does this because the tempo fader is not in the same spot that it needs to be to be accurate to the track that you switch to. there is no way to avoid this. this is why 4 deck controllers with 2 faders are not good. if i were you, i'd just bite the bullet and use sync

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