Rekordbox 5 music management
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    Default Rekordbox 5 music management

    As a new rb 5 user I am looking for some guidance on setting up my music folders. I have looked at the forums, videos and the out of date manual and found bits and pieces of answers but not much on rb 5 yet. I am on a mac and will not be using iTunes.

    My questions include:

    1 Pros and cons of of putting all my music in one folder on hd vs subfolder organization on the HD? Isn’t that just duplicating what RB is doing? I also like the idea of easily being able to move this single folder.

    2 Samples and saved loops created in rb go to the PioneerDJ folder that is by default in the Music folder on my HD. If I want my rb library in one place what do I do with this folder?

    3 Best place to put samples I have created outside of rb

    4 Best place to put sample packs I have purchased from 3rd parties

    5 What is the difference between the sample list and the sample folders in treeview? How do samples ‘know’ they are part of ‘All Samples’ under Sampler in treeview?

    6 If you cannot yet save and load entire sample banks but may be able to in the future, how does that effect the above?

    7 Is the basic idea to create playlists in rb as the main nav tool and then use intelligent playlists to augment those?

    8 Is it a better user experience to use the my tag feature or standard id tags within rb. I am assuming reg id tags will then be part of file and my tags will not be. If I am throwing all my eggs into the rb basket, do I really need to care about id tags anymore? What are peoples’ workflow in terms of tagging in rb5?

    9 I get the concept of the collections view but it would be great to be able to filter out samples from this view as they make it a much less effective tool. Is this possible?

    Thanks for any info on the above.

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    I ended up getting a few good answers here:

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