Lost my on air CDJ red jog wheel lights
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    Unhappy Lost my on air CDJ red jog wheel lights

    Any pioneer gearheads in here able to help me out?

    My DJM 900 nexus 2 showed up with a broken right(red) RCA on channel 1. I didn't realize until my third deck showed up, so I had already gotten Pro DJ link up and running through an ethernet switch. The guy who sold me the DJM swore up and down that there's no way it could be broken, and to try a bunch of different things in the settings - to make sure I just put the DJM through a factory reset. Problem still persists, so I went out to go get Digital audio cables instead. It effectively solved the problem, but now, I don't get the red jog wheel on-air lights anymore. I checked my settings under the utility menu, and it says on air lights are set to ON.

    Anyone have any clue what could have happened, and how I can get my red light indicators back?

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    You had 2 CDJ's connected with regular analog audio cables to the DJM900NXS2 and all three (mixer and CDJs) connected with ethernet cables through a switch for ProDJ link? And you had on air red jog lights on the CDJ's working?

    And now you added a third deck into ch1, changed all connections to digital and on air red lights don't work? Just on one deck or on all three?
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