Tempo control on S8
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    Default Tempo control on S8

    Does anybody know of a secret (or obvious) trick to make smooth tempo changes?
    with the lack of a tempo fader, it's only possible to change tempo with increments of 1 BPM or 0.01 BPM.
    1 BPM is mostly to fast and sudden, and 0.01 BPM... takes an awful lot of knob turning to go up or down a few beats!

    It would be so nice to have tempo change with increments of 0.25 BPM or even 0.5 would be better already.

    any workaround for this?


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    Partially the usefulness of this could depend on what kind of music you're mixing - but in my experience man, making a tempo change as the track hits a new phrase or breakdown, is great time to do it, as the new phrase or change in the song makes a great disguise for the change in tempo

    In that instance, your 1 BPM change will not be as obvious.

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