I have a question about PRO DJ LINK whilst using rekordbox [EXPORT] mode.

This is my current set up:
2 x CDJ (either 2000nxs or nxs2 depending on the venue)
1 x DJM (900/800/ nxs/nx2 depending on the venue)
Macbook Pro (2015)
1 Ethernet Hub/Switch
Ethernet Cable from Both CDJs into Hub, ethernet cable from hub to Macbook
Rekordbox on EXPORT mode - tracks get transferred onto CDJs whilst I play live
My current macbook pro does not have an ethernet input and thus i currently use Apple's Ethernet --> Thunderbolt Adapter.

All working fine as of now


Im thinking of buying a new Macbook Pro - which means the only input available is USB-C.

Do any of you here DJ using pro dj link with a USB-C input on the laptop? If so, how?

I have heard that using the belkin Ethernet -> USB-C converter is NOT RELIABLE. Is this true?

I want to be 100% sure that using PRO DJ LINK with rekordbox Export mode is stable with the new Macbook Pros (USB-C connection)