Broken Link X1 MK2
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    Default Broken Link X1 MK2

    Hi Folks,
    I wanted to try this mapping for X1 MK2

    But the download link is broken.

    Does anyone can reup, or explain me how to create it by my own???

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    Sadly, it is not possible to reupload without the TSI- only the author of the mapping can do that.

    It looks like there are two modifiers involved which are switching control over Hotcue buttons.
    Modifier 1 will activate move/jump feature when Loop A Knob is pressed down.
    Modifier 2 will activate move/jump feature when Loop B Knob is pressed down.
    (although I'd map the "touch" rather than "hold")

    Also there is additional modifier state "Is in Active Loop" which is telling Traktor to ether Beatjump or Move Loop based on active/inactive loop.

    If you are interested in a custom mapping, you can hit me up at

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