What libraries are there for developing DJ apps in ios language?
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    Default What libraries are there for developing DJ apps in ios language?

    first of all, let me say in advance that my question here is not about technical coding issue.

    I am researching about how to develop a DJ app which I can write in Swift or Objective-C, because my project is ios dev. I have never done DJ stuff programming and I have little knowledge about DJ sound adjustment, processing and so on.

    Through my research, I found that there are some libraries in C and C++ and AudioKit which is for iOS. So I looked into AudioKit. I found that this library can enable developers to make a mixed sound of music files and cool stuff like that.

    And here is the thing. Can I make a DJ app with the library? Is only using AudioKit be enough to make DJ app? If you know some websites to understand DJ functionality stuff I can use for development reference, it is appreciated!

    Thanks for reading. My research on this on the Internet could not find information about DJ development so I thought this would help other people who want to know about this topic too.

    Also, if there is an already created DJ github project, please share us.

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