The newest installment for my DJ mix series. The Erratic Beats Project, Volume 4. Featuring music from Rodrigo Gallardo, Pitto, MANIK, m1sT3rL (me!), Ellen Alien and Paul Simon! Yes I managed to fit Paul Simon into music I work with. And not once, but 3 times! Check it out! Housey, African vibes to warm you up this winter!

Rodrigo Gallardo ft. Fernando Milagros - El Abuelo (Dandara Remix)
Pitto - Late Night Studio Moves (The Mole MMD Mix)
Rodrigo Gallardo ft. Fernando Milagros - El Abuelo (Original Mix)
Tunnelvisions - Guava
m1sT3rL - Duke of New York
Rey & Kjavik ft. Istvan Sky - Intro (Elfenburg Remix)
Pitto - You Treat Me Like a Fool
Armonica - Ngeke (Andhim Remix)
Andeffect - Apeshaker
Andeffect - Monkey Swing
Silvano Del Gado - From Jamaica to Brasil
Paul Simon - Gumboats (Joyce Muniz Remix)
MANIK - Basement (Juan MacLean Remix)
Ellen Allien - Call Me (XDB Remix)
Paul Simon - Under African Skies (Rich Pinder/ Djoko Vocal Remix)
KEENE - Goroboteando (Stereo MCs Remix)
Approved Electronic Device - Living Nite (MANIK Brooklyn Mix)
James Kumo - Tribe
Deep Sound Crew ft. Prince - Buhle
LA 4A - Prollum
Dino Lenny - I Feel Stereo (Steve Lawler Remix)
Shur-I-Kan - Out At Night
Nic Fanciulli & Mark Fanciulli - Star (Dub)
Alan Fitzpatrick - Colour of a Dream
Nasser Baker - Say Something (Paul Woolford Dub Mix)
Paul Simon - The Boy in the Bubble (Richy Ahmed Remix)
Brandon Moeller - Set in Motion
Shakedown - At Night (Tiger & Woods Extended Remix)