I did not come to ask a question, in fact, I came here to make an outburst.

Last time I used a BEHRINGER product. Many years ago, at the beginning of my musical journey, I had bought a V-AMP. It was horrible, but okay, I knew it was not big things. This year I decided to trust the company again, I bought a UMC 202 HD interface. It was a relatively expensive price here in my country, since we have a not very good economy.

I bought to record some things and to be able to use in lives sets of electronic music, since I like to play with samples by ABLETON LIVE. Using interface in live electronic music sets is very common, even.

Well, today I went to do my first presentation of LIVE SET with UMC 202 and it simply 'burns' in the middle of the introduction of the show .... And the computer no longer recognizes the audio interface. I think it's a very frustrating thing to do .. Choosing to use an interface in a live set for more security, and less noise, and the shit of that product just stopped working.
E No, it was not any software or drive problem.

I had to play with a terrible latency and a terrible noise, everything I wanted to avoid when I bought the UMC 202. If they want to buy to use at home, with a bad sound, it works very well, but if they want to buy to use making real music for the public, pass AWAY from UMC 202HD.

I am really sad because my performance has been impaired and I am very disappointed to believe that any product would have the minimum capacity to be used.

Sorry for my not very good English.