Having trouble with Xone:92 and guitar pedals
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    Default Having trouble with Xone:92 and guitar pedals

    Hi guys,

    I recently purchased a BOSS DD-7 digital delay and BOSS RV-6 reverb to use in conjunction with my Xone:92.

    I'm only using channels 2 and 3 on my mixer and I have their outputs going into the line outputs in my Scarlett 2i2. My input signal is coming from Traktor Pro 2 on my Macbook via USB-Firewire connection on the Scarlett.

    I am using the booth outputs on the Xone as my main output and they are going straight to my speakers.

    Aux-out 1 is going to the input on the DD-7 and the output of the DD-7 is going into return channel 1 inputs (Same for routing for the RV-6 on channel 2).

    I'm getting really bad distortion or else I'm getting both the dry and wet signal playing at the same time.

    My apologies if there is a really obvious answer to this question as I'm fairly new to all of this. If ye any questions regrading any other aspects of my setup please ask.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Have you made sure the the feedback dial is at no more than two o'clock on the DD-7? Any more than that causes feedback. Also, don't have the sends on the AUX returns active unless you want some crazy feedback effect.

    Turn the volume dial to between three o'clock and maximum on the pedals, and adjust the gain on the channel to suit. For me, it's around the 12 o'clock mark. Maybe roll off some of the bass, too. Make sure the channel is set to LINE not MIC.
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