This was posted by Ean back in August -

I still use the feature, but have recently reformatted my laptop and reinstalled traktor as well as Ean's TSI. Anyway now when I load the Drum fills effects instead of getting Beatmasher, Delay and Reverse Grain I get the Beatmasher, Flanger Flux, and Phaser.

This new combo of effects i'm guessing was something Ean was experimenting with and it is pretty awesome. I just want to know how to change it back Or atleast how to change one effects bank so it uses the old preset of effects.

I've looked endlessly through the Midi mapping settings to try and find the right things to change but to no avail. I found alot of commands that loaded the flanger flux effect. But changing these didnt appear to do anything.

So does anyone know what commands i need to be editing?

Thanks muchly.