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    Hi DJ Tech Tools people,

    Just after a bit of advice for setting up party kit. We have a pair of active subs and tops, is it ok to set these behind us and use that as the live monitor rather than bother with an extra speaker set up. Is this normal and ok or would people advise something different?


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    Depends how much you value your hearing I suppose...
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    It will defeat the object. The PA will be too loud for you to hear your headphones.
    Plus, what Patch said.

    Depending on the quality of your actives (and often not dependent) they will leak enough sound from the back for you to be able to hear enough to mix. Plus, they aren't gonna be far away and at the end of a long multicore fed from FOH so my advice is just get on with it, get smashed, have fun.

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    Depends on what equipment you're mixing with... these days I prefer mixing in headphones with the cue/mix knobs if it's available.
    Mainly to preserve my hearing and I'm usually using in ear monitors or Sennheiser HD25II headphones, but I do the same either way.
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    its one of those things that CAN be done but probably shouldn't. you will not be able to control the volume of the monitor and you will probably blow your hearing or your headphones or both trying to compete with the loudness of the mains. even a shitty $150 single PA would be better imo (STUDIO MONITORS DO NOT WORK FOR THIS APPLICATION)

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