BUTT Streaming Bit Rate Problem
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    Default BUTT Streaming Bit Rate Problem

    I have just recently started a radio show in Barcelona...
    Lately I've been trying to remotely broadcast from home...
    I use Traktor with BUTT...
    Sample rate set at 44,1 and Bit rate set at 192 (max permitted for this radio)
    All the settings work fine until...
    When I start Streaming/broadcasting, it works very well for about a song and a half, and then it stops and BUTT looks to connect again with no success...
    The station's Tech support says the Bitrate exceeded the max. capacity (256>192), but I don't understand since my broadcast settings on Traktor and on BUTT are set at 192...
    I'm conviced it's a simple problem... I thought it may have to do with my internet connection, or with the fact that my mp3 music files are mostly 320 and 256... I don't know...
    Can you please guide me?
    Thank you

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    i'd say try to stream lower at 128 just to see if thats the issue. could also be an internet issue. its easy to overlook upload speeds when picking your internet service. its definitely not because of your music bitrate. i stream wavs on butt all the time. it doesn't work like that

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