Hi folks,

I was wondering if anybody had insight into what is going on with my Beatport account. Getting ready to DJ more in 2019, I went on a label following spree based on artists I like. At some point, while I am still able to follow labels (I am currently following 1268 and they all show up in the list of labels within My Beatport), the most recent labels I've followed's tracks no longer appear in the "Tracks" section of My Beatport.

When I try using a service that interacts with Beatport's API (such as Beatport Pro, Crates.co, or some similar service), they only show me as having followed 991 labels. The labels I'm not following in those services correspond to the tracks I'm not seeing.

Does anybody have any insight into what might be happening or have you ever experienced something similar? I've tried reaching out to Beatport support via e-mail, but it's been crickets for weeks. I've thought about trying to migrate to another service, but Traxsource doesn't have a lot of the labels I'm into, and Juno's implementation of followed labels (e-mailing releases instead of having a one-stop track list) is a little less convenient.