I just switched over to TRAKTOR PRO 3 and I'm having issues using the jog wheel in CDJ Mode on my CDJ-400.

On the 400 you have the option to choose VINYL or CDJ MODE under the JOG MODE function. I like to use CDJ MODE for mixing because I can easily speed up or slow down the track using the Jog Wheel. Everything works as it should, except in the beginning, when I pull up a track and it's paused, I can NOT use the Jog Wheel to line up to the beginning of the track/Grid Marker. When the track is paused, the Jog Wheel function does nothing. If I switch to VINYL MODE while the track is paused, it will work, I can then cue up the song to the Grid Marker - but not CDJ MODE. I know it can work in CDJ MODE because it worked that way for PRO 2.

Does anyone have any experience with this issue?