Hey everybody!!! i've just updated my traktor pro from 1.1.2 to 1.2.2 it's great!!and work much better with my vci100, but still have some problems.
Can anyone to explaine me how to map keyboards with special functions i want! Most wnted functions are: loop move and beat jump.Because in default mapping beat jump is stucked to 4 beats and loop move which is mapped to shift+d,f,c,v,etc. is stucked to fine amount,and second actually doesn't make anything just simulate pitch band keys action.how to change that amount and to customize that in my own way??
It's ok for me to use default mapped keys like d and f c,v etc. but when im lighting them up in prefferences it shows multiply functions for the same key.How ever hard i've try to change that it still stuck to the same function
Can any one post step by step in detail explanation how to map keys and how to change size of functiouns that already mapped to a different.
Please help!!