Dear All! I am preparing a VJ show and I am not quite sure, if the following setup will work; We all know that the MCX800 has been “primed”.

I want to connect a MCX8000 via RJ45 network “Link” (StagLinQ) to a high-end visuals PC running Resolume Arena 6.1.

My goal is to map all my FX poti and faders from the MCX8000 to resolume visual FX in the same way as it is seen in Denon’s official “Denon DJ and Resolume AV Demonstration” video: 3

A) Is this working with the above setup? B) What prerequisites in general are necessary regarding Denon hardware? All just prime and staglinq? (so it would also work with a Prime4?)

Thank you in advance for your estimated input! Best regards Markus