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Hey Guys

Just a follow-up because threads without ends suck. I picked up an S5 (never within the range of what I considered) from guitar center for an unbelievable 399.99 - brand new. I guess that's halfway between the original ends of this thread. This thing is unreal for the money. Still looking to add to the system. Weighing out Ableton v. Machine now. I've been using Ableton a little with an apc key 25. Does anyone have advice on the differences, pros/cons on either?
Ableton Live is much more powerful that Maschine, so a lot of people run Maschine as a plugin within Live. This lets you use the groovebox and hardware of Maschine, along with the send/return and bundled synths of Live.

Personally, I've moved to just using Maschine for drums and the odd bit of side chained white noise, from a bells 'n' whistles Live+Push+K1 combo.