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    Default Hardware vs. Software

    Hey guys I need some help. I've been DJ-ing for a short while with Traktor (and previously Mixxx) and a mixtrack pro 3/mixtrack pro/APC 25 combo with various mappings. I can blend, I've been playing with effects and starting to work on slicer modes. I'm a true bedroom DJ. Anyhow I'm at a point of making a further investment and I'm trying to decide whether I stay with a software based system and buy a mixer (looking at the Xone DB4) and recently considered the Denon Prime stuff. I've never Dj'd with a standalone system but I'm guessing it's still beat matching, loops, etc. My question is, what pros and cons should I consider for both system types, not Denon vs A&H. I realize either system would be a big step up, but I've never subscribed to the "steps" theory. Any help would be great.

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    tbh i'd get a Pioneer RX 2 - learn the eco system (rekordbox) you're most likely to find in a club. Be an easier transition to CDJs for sure...

    People can hate on pioneer but when you play out and that's what's in the club, it's good to feel confident on the tools

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    Yeah I was looking at that as well as the Denon 4000 as well as the cdjs and 5000's. So what is the advantage of the all-in-one systems other than backup in the event your laptop fails?

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    Look at the Denon Prime all in one
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    I'm looking at that too. I'm just wondering about the sound quality and customization of both systems. I think that's the advantage of A&H and Traktor unless I'm misunderstanding.

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    If it was me I'd be looking at the new Prime 4. In the 25 years I've been playing the only gear I've actually *had* to use was the Technics turntable, everything else since then has been optional. Most DJ's I know/have seen tend to bring their own gear anyway and I don't see the point in buying into a certain eco system on the off chance you're forced to use CDJ 2k's.
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    It's all just down to what you like.

    I've done everything. As in...turntables -> Ableton -> TTs/Serato -> TTs/Final Scratch 2 -> TTs/CDJs -> Ableton again -> Traktor w/ Controllers -> TTs/Serato -> Traktor with controllers & a mixer and occasionally TTs.

    There were probably some other steps. I know I've bought & sold Serato at least 3 times (and somewhat recently recycled my last SL1).

    They all do basically the same thing. Obviously, anything involving software or modern advanced players is going to give you more options than pure vinyl. But, in the end, it's kind of all the same.

    I say use what appeals to you. Whatever that is, if you're gigging, you owe it to yourself to prepare your collection however you like to play AND Rekordbox prepared USB keys (or SSDs) AND Engine Prime prepared USB Keys (or SSDs). That gives you the greatest chance to play anywhere.

    Now...if you're used to Serato + Ableton together and your computer dies...they'll probably have CDJs. It won't be the same. But at least you can play.

    If you're not gigging, just use whatever blows your hair back. Sadly, you might have to try a bunch of stuff (like I did) to figure out what really does it for you.

    I personally still have Kontrol D2s and a Rane 2016 set up. That's basically my favorite way to play out of all of that. But, I'm really sick of maintaining Traktor's library. Since I gave up gigging a while ago, I'm probably going to end up either dedicating a relatively cheap computer to the setup or getting some 5000 primes just to make it a little less of a hassle.

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    There's nothing in the "Pioneer ecosystem" that couldn't be figured out in a couple of minutes. If you can afford it, a pair of SC5000s and a mixer of your choice (though the X1800 is solid and works ideally with the SC5000s) will stand you in good stead. If not, the Prime4 will offer you more bang for your buck than Pioneer will, and no compromise. I had a bit of a play with the unit last Friday when it was in the studio, and it feels like the other Prime gear.
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    From what I've seen, rekordbox looks a lot like serato and close enough to Traktor but seems to have less features. I would like to be corrected if I'm wrong (cue the haters). One thing about rekordbox that is very attractive is the ability to manage a music library, setting cue points etc. From my phone.

    I don't have any real aspirations to play clubs but I'm not against it. Parties for sure. Weddings no. This is more about me playing the music I like, which I should mention is more techno and tech-house though I like dubstep bigroom whatever. I like to make loops and layers, add effects and texture. Traktor has been good for that but I'm not married to it. If rekordbox or engine or serato can to the same, I'm in.

    As of now, I'm leaning toward a Xone put or 96, a twister and a k2 because I feel like that suits my tastes but I've not tasted it all. That's why I've come to this group for varying opinions and experience. I'm getting engaged soon and whatever I buy is my ring for me so I'm not saying money is no object but her ring isn't cheap so I don't feel like I need to stay with my numark midi controller.

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    Default Follow-up

    Hey Guys

    Just a follow-up because threads without ends suck. I picked up an S5 (never within the range of what I considered) from guitar center for an unbelievable 399.99 - brand new. I guess that's halfway between the original ends of this thread. This thing is unreal for the money. Still looking to add to the system. Weighing out Ableton v. Machine now. I've been using Ableton a little with an apc key 25. Does anyone have advice on the differences, pros/cons on either?

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