How to play twitter video through Audio 10 on Mac
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    Default How to play twitter video through Audio 10 on Mac

    Hello everyone,

    I've just upgraded to twitter video which comes with soundcard. Since upgrading I have not been able to play music through my speakers. I have a large collection of music in iTunes which I would like to play sometimes that isn't the sort of stuff I play with in Traktor. I know I can obviously access my iTunes through Traktor on the left but I'd rather just play it through iTunes itself rather than putting each seperate track on to deck A or deck B everytime!

    Furthermore I often play music through twitter and I'm no longer able to do this either.

    Does anyone know how to do this? Would be a big shame if it's not possible!

    Cheers, ,

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    just select the audio 10 in the audio prefs in System Preferences (click the apple top left).
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