Help needed with Pioneer controlers - Sysex Messages - Hacking Rekordbox
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    Default Help needed with Pioneer controlers - Sysex Messages - Hacking Rekordbox

    I'm trying to create a free software that would allow any controller to be fully used with Rekordbox DJ (jogs included).

    Rekordbox sends a system exclusive midi message to a controller to check if it is "rekordbox supported".
    The message sent by the software seems to be always the same, I tested it by emulating a couple of controllers with Loopback Midi.

    I don't have an access to a pioneer controller at the moment and I need to know what messages are being sent back by the officialy supported controllers in order to make it work.

    If you own a pioneer controller i would greatly appreciate your help.

    This sysex / system exclusive message can be seen with a MIDI monitoring software (I.e. MIDI-OX for windows) when rekordbox starts and a controller is connected. After about 10 seconds you can exit rekordbox and save the log file.

    Thank you in advance!

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    I can help as I have a rekordbox copy and WeGO3 on mac, when I'm at home I'll post the SYSEX for you using MIDI Monitor. Let me know if you can restart the project or has it been scrapped

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    Please do not post the Sysex command here publicly, as this does circumvent software licensing for Rekordbox and is a form of software piracy. Once this vulnerability is discovered and tested, you should report your findings to pioneerdj directly.
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