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    The changes are if you get a big dog you might run into some leg issues later on in their life.
    True, and they don't get as old as smaller dogs.
    Big dogs can reach 8 to 12 years max, older is possible but mostly an exception.
    Our previous Bernese had hip dysplasia and in the end we needed to take her swimming twice a month to strenghten her muscles. we took our new 'pup' swimming too, she loves it.

    Don't rush on getting a pet if you're not sure what it takes to take care of them.
    Cats are less needy but dogs need their walks, grooming etc. It helps if you got a big garden.

    And they can indeed be a pain in the ass. Our previous Bernese was the sweetest dog we ever had, calm & adorable.
    The Bernese we have now, well, she can really get into our hair. Like an annoying kid.
    But she's adorable too sometimes, especially when she's hungry.


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    Here's my studio cat ...


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