Hey all-

Long-time listener, first time poster here. I'm looking to see if there's a smart way to keep iTunes playlists in sync with Rekordbox when I'm a Rekordbox-first user.

Background: A few years back I went all-in on Rekordbox as I use CDJs exclusively and I've never used iTunes for anything (what a bloated, complicated piece of software. Blech). Rekordbox has all of my playlists, smart playlists, metadata, etc. and iTunes is empty and untouched. All of my tunes are stored on an external HD as I move between PCs often (I use both Windows and Mac for Rekordbox management). I export to USB for gigs.

Now, I'm going to be traveling for a year and am looking at a serious downgrade from my NXS2 rig to a WeGo3/iPad so I can have a little something to make noise on while I'm on the road. AFAICT, to do any DJing from any iPad app you need to sync music to the device from iTunes. Seeing as that all of my hard work is stored in Rekordbox, I'm trying to see if there's a relatively sane way to import/sync all of that organization from Rekordbox into iTunes (or even better, transfer directly to the iPad) such that I maintain all of that info without requiring manual copying, playlist re-creation, etc. I understand the normal workflow is typically iTunes --> Rekordbox, so I'm coming in to this figuring I'm an edge case and I'm in for a ton of work.

Is this even possible in 2019?

Thanks in advance for any and all insight,