Map Denon DN-SC2000 Jogwheels to respondthe same as Kontrol S2 MK2 Help???????
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    Default Map Denon DN-SC2000 Jogwheels to respond the same as Kontrol S2 MK2 Help???????

    Hi All !

    Long time lurker here ... First post so please go easy

    I've just got my hands on some sc2000s ,I'm used to playing on my s2mk2 when I move the jogwheel on the outer black surround it moves the track forward or back slowly .. on the sc2000 it just kind of nudges slightly if that makes sense , thats in vinyl mode too.. pitch bend moves it on but have to tap the buttons rapidly!!

    Could any kind soul please help me to get these jogwheels to behave as closely as possible to the default kontrol s2mk2 jogwheel settings

    New to mapping so don't want to go changing settings and messing it all up lol.

    I'm using Bascurtiz's mapping here....seem to be good except this minor thing.

    Any help would be great


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    Search for "Jog Turn" command (it should be mapped to Pitchbend message) and adjust the rotary acceleration.

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    Got it !
    In bascurtiz's mapping changed
    Tempo Bend (stepless)
    Changed type of controller from fader/knob to
    Sensitivity 1%
    Acceleration 30%
    Seems good ... May tweak but now have the idea.
    Cheers Stewe

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    So next question how would I create a modifier for tempo range and also fine pitch adjust..
    Could I map say shift and pitch bend for +-0.01bpm increments? Or is this Impossible?
    The pitch fader seems to do 0.05ish increments I've read this is normal ..

    If this can't be done just the tempo range shift would be great .again this is on bascurtiz's 4 deck mapping

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    Pitch fader bpm incerements depend on the pitch range, on 6% they are around 0.02 bpm. In first firmware they could do even 0.01 but users found it too jerky (because you know, everybody these days looks at screen bpm, even DVS users) so they kinda limited that later. I have used shift+pitch bend buttons for pitch range. You don't need a software modifier since SC2000 shift button is a hardware shift: when pressed, it changes the midi message of the next button pressed. Deck and FX bank are also hardware shifts.
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    Cheers slayformoney .. so if I just goto controller manager learn shift &pitch bend < or > = tempo range can I set it to scroll through ranges? Even just 8% and 16% or whatever ..same as my m5g's...

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